To contact the Minister: telephone 07545 375721; or email Mandy Reynolds:

We have a part-time Interfaith Minister, Rev Amanda (Mandy) Reynolds. Mandy has a Christian background but has been interested in other faith traditions for a number of years. Within the congregation some identify as being of a particular faith, others are humanist and many prefer not to be labelled. What the congregation has in common is an openness to the spirituality of others and a sense of being on a journey.

When Mandy is not leading a service, they are led either by a member of the congregation or by a visiting Unitarian Minister or Lay Leader. We also invite other local faith groups and individuals to lead services for us. We value the richness that this adds to our own spiritual practice and understanding.

Rev Mandy and Rev Rob Crompton (also a member of our congregation) co-ordinate pastoral care. To contact Rob: