The Chapel itself is closed other than on Wednesdays when it is available for private prayer and reflection between 11.00am and 2.00pm. The Hall has not seen the usual weekly and monthly activities taking place either. Please do come into the garden any time the gates are open and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection. There is a rose garden at the front and a larger lawned garden behind with a separate Multi Faith Garden of Remembrance. Visitors are required to comply fully with government regulations current at the time. 

Since the end of March 2020 we have been holding all Sunday services live via Zoom at 11.00am and this has enabled new people to join us. A small number attended our first Sunday service back in the Chapel on 11th October 2020. We hope to be able to gather together in the Chapel on every second Sunday in the month until further notice whilst continuing with Zoom. Details of all services are posted on the Chapel Facebook page. If you are thinking of joining us at Chapel or via Zoom or have any questions about how it all works then please do contact our Minister or Buildings Manager. We are always happy to spend time talking about what makes our community special for us!