Alternative Perspectives

OCTOBER 2018. It is with regret that we announce that the Alternative Perspectives series of lectures for the rest of 2018 has been cancelled. Numbers have dwindled so much that we have been running at a loss and have, thus, decided to end.

It may be that we will run the occasional lecture or workshop in the future, or maybe quarterly events, but that has not yet been decided. Should that happen, a notice will be posted on this page and all those on the current mailing list will be informed.

Alternative Perspectives is a series of monthly lectures, workshops or events aimed at presenting lesser-known aspects of the world around us and alternative views on the nature of reality. Some of the topics covered so far are: Psychical Research, The Kabbalah, Contact with the Spirit of Place, Soul Midwifery, Holy Wells, Where Science and Magic Meet, Shamanic Practice, Music of the Spheres: How Sound and PHI-bration Shape Our Reality, Phenomena—The Evidence, Water Horses. We also gather regularly for Dances of Universal Peace.

Meetings are held in the Schoolroom on the first Friday of every month. Entrance is £5, which includes refreshments.

If you would like to give a lecture or have a topic to suggest, please email Fran at

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2018 Calendar.

2 March Pat England: The Trees We Love.
A Short Forest Walk 10,000 BC – 2018.
An exhibition and short talk followed by an interactive session open for tree stories, poems, sharing of tree memorabilia
6 April Kevin Rowan Drewitt: Neolithic Observatories.
A guide to how the ancient sites of Britain and Ireland were built and aligned with the Sun, Moon, Venus and stars, the Megalithic Yard, the 18.61 cycle of the Moon, the 33 year cycle of the Sun and the number 33.
4 May Rhoda Martin: Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences(STEs).
A talk by Rhoda Martin of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical Studies (CFPSS)
1 June Ken Cholerton: Economics With a Human Face.
A talk by Ken Cholerton, looking at economics from a human rather than a theoretical or political perspective, including the changing shape of the world economy, social justice, philanthropy, addressing poverty, economics and human behaviour, corporate social responsibility and creative capitalism, women in the economy, and how well-intended policies can be counter-productive such as with welfare dependency and international aid.
6 July Mary Dowson: Dances of Universal Peace.
Drum and Dance. Moving as one heart, mind, body and breath. A joyful and liberating experience to inspire our souls.
7 September Karen Balmer: Walking the Labyrinth.
Karen Balmer specialised as a Mental Health Chaplain and has since specialised as a Labyrinth Facilitator with her masters in spirituality and healthcare. Many benefits have been found by those who have walked the labyrinth. It is a personal journey and best discovered with an open mind.
5 October Tim Shuker: Rasputin Re-imagined.
“Love is Light and It Has No End.” Rasputin – Lover of the Eternal Feminine, Teacher and Healer to the Russian Imperial Family 1907-16. A talk by the always-interesting Tim Shuker.
2 November CANCELLED: Tiana Marie: Art and Inspiration.Exploring light as the spirit of imagination. A presentation by well-known Lake Artist Tiana Marie.
7 December CANCELLED: Christmas Party! FREE! Come and have fun!