The present Kendal Unitarian Chapel dates from 1720. It was built under the auspices of the Rev Caleb Rotheram for a congregation of Dissenting Protestants referred to as ‘Presbyterian’, and replaced a meeting place, now demolished, on the Kendal Fellside. Although its theological leanings are not clear, it is known that it never imposed any doctrinal tests or creed on its ministers or members, who were devoted to the promotion of religious liberty and social welfare. By the mid 18th century it appears to have become avowedly Unitarian, but it was not until 1813 that the law allowed this to be declared openly. The Chapel was renovated in 1880 and the Wilkinson organ, still in regular use, was built in 1881. In 1882 the Schoolroom, with its richly decorated domed ceiling, was built and so the main Chapel premises took largely their present form.

In the Vestry: Dates carved into the wooden panelling
The Wilkinson Organ
Look for the Memorial Lights inside the Chapel
Qur’anic Window donated by John Campbell in 2008
Spirit of Life mural created by artist Katie Hall in 2009